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Starting up

  • Unlimited support
  • 5 GB disk space
  • 50 GB traffic

starting from
€80 / y


Starting up shared hosting

  • Build for small projects & startups
  • Add-ons
  • Shared hosting
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Small & medium enterprises

By choosing for the growth package, you choose a scalable and safe solution that gives you the freedom to adjust to every situation.



Customizable anytime



Custom to scale

The scale package is intended for large projects who have full control over their infrastructure. Everything can be adjusted and customized to the needs of your project in this package.

Build for big clients


You get what you want

Back to basics.

In our point of view, the initial goal of providing hosting was to provide a service and help customers with this service. That’s why we go back to the basics. We want to help our customers grow by providing them with advice and thinking along with them.

Small clients


Eco Friendly



Pay 'n Go

Carrier & cloud neutral

We believe you should be able choose the service providers you need.

Valuable ecosystems

Build mutually beneficial partnerships with other businesses within our data centers.


Our unique marketplace puts cloud service providers and system integrators in touch with enterprises.

Exchange rich

Peer internationally and cost-effectively through AMS-IX, NL-IX, LINX and others.


The future of ethical & sustainable cloud infrastructure

Our team at Growcloud is working hard to provide you ethical & sustainable cloud infrastructure and other complementary related services like domain name registration by following our following principles: 
  • Keep it simple: no technical knowledge is required. 

  • Focus on the core activities of your organization without worries about cloud infrastructure and devops.

  • We ensure the use of green energy and CO2 neutral data centers.

  • Our analytics and monitoring solutions gives a clear overview of the resources you have used and determine a proper pricing model.

  • We provide hosting and cloud solutions which are entirely adopted to the needs of any project. 

  • Let's grow together.


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